Edinburgh's first female Lord Provost has given her backing to the Yes campaign.

Eleanor McLaughlin, who was the capital's Lord Provost from 1988-1992, has urged her former Labour colleagues to join the independence campaign.

McLaughlin said that she is in no doubt that a Yes vote is the only way to achieve social justice and benefits for all in Scotland.

McLaughlin, 76, who was once against devolution because it lacked the powers required by a 'proper government', said: "I was against it (devolution) because I didn't think government works without proper tax-raising powers.

"That's what government is all about. However, I think the devolved parliament has worked very well. One example is the prominent role of women in positions of power today - the Presiding Officer of the Scottish parliament, the Deputy First Minister, and the leaders of Labour and the Tories, and the leader before her. That just couldn't happen in Westminster.

"I believe that now that devolution has been proved to work, the next logical step has to be independence. And Scotland will become independent.

"For those in the Labour Party, I'd say independence is the quickest way to achieve socialist aspirations, and we certainly would have a much fairer country if we run and spent the money we raise in what is a very rich nation."