Russell Brand has given his backing to Scottish independence.

The comedian was asked about Scotland during a question and answer session on his YouTube channel series The Trews.

When asked his thoughts on Scotland during the show, Brand said: "Independence for Scotland. I like things getting smaller and evolved, more power for the people.

"The SNLP or what ever they're called Scottish independence, don't trust them, they'll be no good, they'll be useless but Scotland getting independent, good idea.

"Break everything up so that there's nothing except small collectives. Don't have imaginary concepts that makes people angry. If Scotland and England make people angry then abandon these concepts.

"I'm not saying that I don't get into it, of course I do... but I say devolve everything until we're all in little collectives where we actually control our own lives and take our power back from corporations and big business."

Warning: video contains strong language

However, the comedian said that he did not think that independence would mean better, more representative Government for Scots.

He added: "I wouldn't imagine the Scottish Government, independent or in conjunction with a Westminster Government, are really going to represent you people because, as you know, that's not how politics works.

"Don't get too excited about it, have independence if you want but the true independence we need is independence from Government, not independence from imaginary nations."