IT is one of Glasgow's more quirky landmarks.

The statue of the Duke of Wellington complete with a traffic cone on his head attracts thousands of visitors to gawp and take photos of it.

Now the grand old duke - who like David Cameron was educated at Eton and served as a Conservative Prime Minister - has nailed his colours firmly to the referendum mast by coming out in favour of independence.

Pranksters have replaced his usual head-gear of the traffic cone with one painted in Yes Scotland's blue, with the Yes slogan on it.

As if that's not enough, activists have planted a Yes Scotland flag in his stirrup.

It is unclear whether the stunt has been sanctioned by the official campaign or is just the work of rogue pro-independence supporters.

Either way, the Duke's new look is drawing the crowds to Royal Exchange Square with dozens of people tweeting images and comments on his latest look.

Commercial property lawyer John McKissock wrote on the micro-blogging site: "Jaunty looking Duke of Wellington. The Lord is for turning it would appear."

Robert McPheat tweeted simply: "Duke of Wellington comes out for YES."

Stewart Crawford, a fervent Yes supporter added: "that's yer Duke of Wellington declared for Yes!"

Glasgow University lecturer David Archibald wrote on Twitter: "Hardline Tory and Glasgow icon The Duke of Wellington comes out boldly for YES."

Kirsty Cunningham tweeted: "Few things make me more fond of Glasgow than the Duke of Wellington cone... I admire the creative political use."

Unlike Mr Cameron to date, the Duke served twice as Prime Minister.

Firstly, in 1828 he reluctantly became Tory PM nefore his government returned in 1834, when he was in power for around a month before handing the reigns to Robert Peel.

It's the second time inweeks the Duke's cone has been changed colour.

During the Commonwealth Games, the traffic cone was painted yellow to mark Team Scotland's record haul of medals.