A SCOTTISH pensioner who has had part of both legs amputated has been refused a blue badge for disabled parking by his council.

Tom Hannah, 73, from Rosyth had two separate amputations last year due to a circulation problem caused by an irregular heart beat. But he's been refused the disabled parking badge because he can walk over a distance of 20 yards - but only with crutches and help.

A Fife Council officer has admitted that while it appeared to be "common sense" that Mr Hannah should qualify for a badge, they had to stick to the letter of the law based on information they had received on his application form.

Mr Hannah said: "If I don't get a blue badge I won't be able to go anywhere - because I won't be able to park near the shops. I was so angry when I was told that I would not be eligible for one because I can walk a short distance with my crutches.

"I had a blue badge and now it's time for renewal, questions are being asked about how far I can walk."

Anne Cowan, Fife Council's lead professional for accessible transport and concessions, said: "Common sense would suggest he is eligible for a blue badge but the way his mobility was described did not meet the national scheme criteria.

"We explained this to Mr Hannah over the phone and are continuing to discuss the situation with him."