Alex Salmond's characterisation of "Team Scotland" against "Team Westminster" is unfair to those Scots who are voting No in the independence referendum, Commonwealth Games medallist Lynsey Sharp has said.

Sharp, who won silver in the 800m at Glasgow 2014, has declared her backing for staying in the union, raising concerns about the future of funding for sport in Scotland.

Responding to comments made by the First Minister today, she said: "It is really unfair that Alex Salmond thinks that people who don't agree with him and are voting No aren't in Team Scotland.

"I could not be prouder of the fact that I won my medal for Scotland at Glasgow 2014. Am I less Scottish now that I support a No vote? Of course not."

Taking part in a debate on BBC Radio 5 Live, Sharp commented on the future of sport.

She said: "I think my particular concerns are whether Scotland, as an independent country, would have the funds, time and the resources to achieve the same sporting success as we're able to do so at the moment through a British team.

"Secondly I think timing, which has also been touched on, it's unlikely that the Scottish athletes would be able to compete for Scotland at Rio. I think that's dependent on a much broader issue obviously of whether Scotland would be recognised as a nation state."

Sharp's views were also echoed by former Scotland and Celtic footballer Bertie Auld.

"As someone who has pulled on the Scotland jersey, I know we are all team Scotland," he said.

"This is a choice between what we think is the best future for our country. I believe that is solidarity and unity. That is why I am voting No."

Former Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell said: "Lynsey Sharp's anxiety about funding for Scottish sport and the change for our sportsmen and women to compete in Rio are right on the button."

He was a 1964 Olympian and member of Team Scotland at the 1966 Commonwealth Games in Kingston, Jamaica.

"I was on Team Scotland when I was proud to represent my country in the Commonwealth Games and I'm on Team Scotland now," he said.