Better Together have released a list of more than 100 business leaders from all over Scotland who have backed a No vote.

Investors who create and sustain thousands of jobs in Scotland, our high profile exporting industries and small enterprises that form the backbone of Scotland all are saying No.

They say they have concluded that the economic risks of separation are not worth taking and cite uncertainty over issues like currency and EU membership.

There are further concerns over research funding to support Scotland's business base, increased costs from suppliers from and increased costs in sales to the rest of the UK and over losing the strength of the British brand.

Leading entrepreneur John Boyle, who set up investment vehicle Hamilton Portfolio in 1999 after making £56m from the sale of Direct Holidays to Airtours and is a former chairman of Motherwell FC, said: "Scotland has been part of the most successful union in history for over 300 years. It is fair to say, and even our partners would acknowledge, that Scotland has punched way above its weight in this union in terms of education, inventiveness, literature, economics and culture.

"The Scots have delightful competition with, but friendly and infectious allegiance to, our English partners and the idea that all of this should be thrown away at such a pivotal time in the United Kingdom's history is quite simply preposterous.

"There are demonstrably no economic benefits and the demise of the union could see us struggle as we lose all the benefit of this unique relationship blended over hundreds of years."

Leading fashion entrepreneur Belinda Dickson (formerly Robertson), founder of BJD Design, said:

"I can see no benefit in Scotland isolating itself from the rest of the UK.

"There are far too many unanswered questions if independence were to go ahead on the pound, Europe, defence, trade agreements, simplicity of movement of both goods and people.

"Quite frankly why would we take the risk? The benefits we enjoy as being part of the union outweigh any that we would have in separating.

"The Scottish fashion industry is in an enviable position as part of being British it has all the advantages of the reputation and credibility that British Fashion has on the world stage, whilst at the same time can also leverage the distinctiveness of being Scottish. In fashion London is one of the world's leading centres, and we benefit greatly from being part of this British label.

"I fear that Scotland alone would put us on the periphery of our industry. The audiences would become more limited, and we would lose many of the major benefits we currently have."

Daniel Johnson, owner of the Paper Tiger and Studio One retail chain said: "Britain is good for business.

"By having one set of rules, one tax system and one currency Scottish businesses get the benefit of trading in one of the world's largest markets. Independence would remove these advantages we have.

"Having two systems, two sets of regulations and two currencies just imposes more admin, more complexity and more cost.

"For small businesses like mine, with hundreds of suppliers most of whom are in other parts of the UK, working together as part of Britain just makes good business sense.

"And with devolution we get to make the decisions that matter on schools, hospitals and local services here in Scotland. Britain is good for business and devolution is good for people."

The list includes:

1.John Boyle, Chairman, The Hamilton Portfolio

2.Sir Fraser Morrison, former Chief Executive Morrison Construction

3.Belinda Dickson OBE, BJD Design

4.Duncan Tannahill, ex-Chief Executive Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

5.Gavin Roser, Managing Director of Pantrak, Secretary General of the European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum

6.Derek Miller, Co-proprietor, Scope Bathrooms, Glasgow.

7.Craig Hume, Utopia Computers

8.Ruth McKay, Uniq, the Academy for Entrepreneurs

9.Neil Ballantyne, Managing Director, Ballantynes of Walkerburn

10.Brian Aitken, Partner Nevis Capital

11.Daniel Johnson, Studio One and Paper Tiger retail group

12.Ghill Donald, CEO BD Network

13.Alastair Cameron, Braeburn Consulting

14.Margaret McPherson, Founder Intelligent Office

15.Fiona A MacLeod, CEO Glendevon Leadership

16.Beppo Buchanan Smith, Isle of Eriska Hotel

17.Dr Richard Marsh, Chairman, Energy Space Properties

18.William Welsh, ePOINT Limited/ePOINT Embedded Computing Limited

19.Alan Lamont, Border Straw Ltd

20.Derek Wann, Sarkar (Dev) Ltd

21.Iain McGill, Director, Harmony Employment Agency

22.Marjorie McCreadie, Teviotdale Arans

23.Anne Fergusson, Director, Hatch Social Enterprise, Former Director PWC

24.Fergus Hardie, Managing Director, Hardie Polymers

25.David Smith, Managing Director, National Hyberbaric Centre

26.Martin Hunt, Tartan Silk PR

27.John Perry, Managing Director, Parking International

28.Leigh Thomson, Skin Body Beauty, Coatbridge

29.Alistair Barclay, Alba Virtual Tours

30.Jim Cockram, Technical Director, Copernicus Technology Ltd

31.Dario Marchetti, ESCA Driftwood

32.Sandy Herd, Edinburgh Preserves

33.Charlie Spurway, Country Business

34.Andrew Strong, SmartPA

35.Andrew Alderson, Chairman and Chief Executive, Scobie and McIntosh

36.Joe Noble, Independent Property Consultant and former Chief Executive Scottish Enterprise Fife

37.Mike Younger, Finance Director at Ian MacLeod Distillers Ltd

38.Ricky Phillips, Operations Director, Elite Edinburgh

39.Steve Gilman OBE, Retail Professional

40.John Halliday, Managing Director, GuardScotland Ltd

41.Archie Stirling-Aird, business owner of Uniquely Scotland (bespoke tour operator)

42.Greig Williams, oil company executive

43.Kairen Alexis Ruse of Blues and Browns, Perthshire

44.Bill Templeton, RPL Paralegal Ltd

45.Alistair Campbell, Campbell of Bowfield

46.Sir Eric Yarrow, former Chairman Yarrow Shipbuilders

47.Norman Rogers, Owner, Duncan Rogers Engineering

48.Donald MacKenzie, DriveBS

49.John Cleat, Inverclyde Osteopathy

50.Hector Stewart, Director, Kallin Shellfish

51.Michael Westmacott, LaidlawWestmacott Communications

52.Ian Miller, JLM Carpets and Flooring

53.Ann Mitchell, Ann Mitchell Management

54.Wendy Collins, Ann Mitchell Management

55.John Forbes, Agriculture

56.Victoria Rushworth, Owner, We Are Rushworth

57.Angus Forbes, Angus Forbes Photography

58.Kelly Morris, Kelly Morris Consulting

59.Colin McNab, Radiate

60.Kevan McDonald, Partner, Dickson Minto

61.Malcolm Hood, Managing Director, MH Autos Edinburgh Ltd

62.Peter Boyd, Chairman, Boyd Solicitors

63.Joe Macleman, Director, Cala Wealth Management, Lossiemouth

64.Allan Hardie, Retired Chief Executive

65.David Dunn, Managing Director, 442 Design

66.Ronnie Urquhart, Chief Executive, County Properties Group

67.Margaret Walsh, Accountant

68.Ron Law, Founder of Glenmorison Group, a property company based in Edinburgh with interests and joint ventures in Scotland and London

69.Saqib Ahmed, Director, Glasgow Travels

70.David Mill, Managing Director, Digital Marketing and Publishing,


71.Angus MacMillan, Company Director, Western Isles

72.Rube Fernando OBE, Managing Director of Ardmel Automations

73.Arlene Kidd, Director, Ilasco

74.Kate & Gordon Innes, Partners, Tontine Hotel, Peebles

75.Paul Atkin, Director, Advantage Learning

76.Michael and Anna Curley, The Buffet Shop, Helensburgh

77.John Pirrie, Founding Partner, Nevis Capital

78.Keith Dickson, d2 Financial Solutions

79.Hugh Stewart, Managing Director, Coralinn

80.Amanda Kremer, Managing Director, Thrive for Business Ltd

81.Lindsay Kirkwood, A Good Look

82.Vivian Linacre, Co-founder, British Council of Shopping Centres

83.John R Weir, former owner of Weir Mercedes

84.Sahid Razzaq, Blantyre Retailer

85.Saftar Sarwar, Kingdom Capital Partners

86.Mark Fisken/ Mick Magic

87.Gaynor Turner, Director of McIntyres of Edinburgh

88.Sam Fernando, Keela

89.Barbara Murricane, Director at Murricane and Murricane, Media Production.

90.Mike Channing, Director, Cordatus Real Estate

91.Robin MacGeachy, Managing Director, Peak Scientific

92.June MacGeachy, Director, Peak Scientific

93.Zahira Hassan, Hijama Edinburgh

94.Stephen Hawthorne, Managing Director ECG Facilities Services

95.Foysul Choudry MBE, Restaurants and Property

96.Fiona Houston, Co-Founder, SeaEO, Mara Seaweed

97.Norma Austin Hart, Director, Austin Hart Project Management

98.Walter Paterson, Group Chairman, Streamline

99.Mark Grant, CM Grant Electrical Contractor

100.Joe Fergusson, Farsight Greentec Ltd

101.Professor Geoff Palmer OBE

102.Satvinder Breeze, Owner SKB Risk Service, Edinburgh

103.Richard Murray, Principal, Murray Commercial Finance, Elgin

104.Ian Murray, Managing Director, Murray Property (Scotland) Ltd

105.Derek Stephen, Director, Thistle Property Group

106.Shanoor Chowdhury, Retired Businessman

107.Assadar Ali, Restaurateur

108.Galen Milne, Director, Thistle Scientific Ltd