The Labour Party in Scotland is on its "death bed" and would be responsible for the break-up of the UK if Scots vote for independence, according to Respect MP George Galloway.

Mr Galloway, who is campaigning for a No vote on Thursday, said the party had done a "pitiful" job of leading the Better Together campaign to save the union.

The MP accused his former party of "squandering" its legacy north of the border.

He told BBC's Sunday Politics: "I think Scottish Labour is potentially on its death bed, and if the country breaks up the principal responsibility will be on them.

"From the Blair era onwards, the Iraq war, the collapse in credibility and confidence in the British state, not just in Scotland but through Farage and so on in the rest of the country, and the pitiful, absolutely pitiful job that's been made of defending a 300 year old relationship in this island by the Scottish Labour leadership is really terrible for me to behold, even though I'm no longer one of them.

"And I don't know how they're going to get out of this death bed."

Mr Galloway said the number of Labour voters intending to vote Yes was "disturbingly high".

He added: "That's a grave squandering of a great legacy of Scottish Labour history which history will decree as unpardonable, unforgivable."

Mr Galloway claimed the interests of working people on both sides of the border would be "gravely damaged" if Scotland went it alone, saying the SNP policy of a corporation tax cut would result in a "race to the bottom".

Speaking on the same programme, Yes campaigner and co-convenor of the Solidarity party Tommy Sheridan predicted a Yes vote of 60%.

He said: "There is a momentum that you guys haven't seen in the working class housing estates and villages of Scotland.

"Working class people are fed up being taken for granted. Fed up being lied to by these people dragging into illegal wars, tax cuts for the millionaires, bedroom tax for the poor. They're going to use their power. They very rarely get any power. They've got power on Thursday and they're going to use it and they're going to vote for freedom."

Mr Sheridan agreed with Mr Galloway that Scottish Labour was "absolutely finished".

He said: "The irony of ironies is Labour in Scotland has more chance of recovery in an independent Scotland than they have of a No vote."