Hundreds of people were still revelling through the wee small hours in George Square after the referendum results for Glasgow were announced.

Some were still singing and waving flags of independence, while others sat together in groups on patches of grass.

Police stood on the perimeter, but there appeared to be few altercations even though many had been there all night.

Mark Stevenson, 25, from Garrowhill, had travelled back from Australia to vote.

He said: "I'm gutted. Most of my family were voting Yes.

"It's a small consolation that Glasgow voted Yes, but it's a missed opportunity.

"I think it's been the young against the old in a lot of this."

His friend, Ciaran Rankine, 23, from Coatbridge added: "The Glasgow result is bittersweet."

Lesley Rodgers, 50, a community broker from Ayrshire, said she had been in the square since 10pm the night before.

She said: "I'm still optimistic. This place is buzzing and it's only the beginning for us. There's a change in the air.

"It's made people wake up."

Cathy MacCormack, from Easterhouse, who is retired, said she had been a global anti-poverty campaigner for more than 30 years.

She said she was impressed by the young people who showed up to vote.

She said: "I think they're fantastic, there was a real party atmosphere.

"The sad thing was that there were a few in tears at the end.

"To be honest I'm disappointed in the people of Scotland for not taking the opportunity to change, but the Yes campaign and everyone involved are all heroes and should be celebrated.

"We show the people of the UK and the world that we can make a change.

"And the people of Scotland will have their moment again."

After the no result was confirmed the supporters slowly left the square and left their streamers and banners behind.