MEMBERS of a conservation group have held a demonstration against plans to lease part of a park for commercial use.

A crowd of around 200 came out to support the event organised by the Friends of Victoria Park (FoVP) against the development of land on the former blaes football pitches near Westland Drive.

Glasgow City Council said last year it was considering renting out park facilities in a bid to generate funds and commissioned property consultants Ryden to undertake a feasibility study.

In its report, Ryden listed potential uses for the north west area of the park, including a retail development, a pub or restaurant, a garden centre, an open-air market or children's soft play.

However, FoVP group are hoping to see the land used for community purposes only.

Convener Robert Mellish said: "People are only just becoming aware of what the city council's land services havedone and it is causing a great of deal of distress.

"Any proposals would need planning approval and despite the financial problems the council is facing, we cannot seriously believe our councillors would go against their own local plan, their own structure plan, their own Climate Change Declaration and their policies on biodiversity to lease off prime parkland to a developer."

A council spokesman said: "The council faces a number of financial challenges in the current climate and is looking at innovative ways to not only improve, but also maintain, the conditions of our parks."