Six pro-Palestinian activists have been arrested following a demonstration at the premises of defence systems firm Thales UK.

Members of the Glasgow Palestine Action climbed onto the roof of the building in Govan, Glasgow, and hung a Palestinian flag and a banner reading Stop Arming Israel. Further protesters blocked the gates.

The group said the action is in response to the recent Israeli bombardment of Gaza and "the UK economy's ever-growing military industrial co-operation with governments that flout international law".

Activists said Thales was being targeted for its relationship with Israeli defence company Elbit Systems.

Leena O'Hare said: "This is a message to Glasgow City Council who fly the Palestinian flag on our City Chambers while simultaneously arming Israel with the weapons they need to bomb Gaza.

"The UK government, by allowing Thales to operate with Elbit systems, have blood on their hands.

"We demand that the Scottish government puts pressure on the UK government to end arms sales to Israel. And also takes active steps towards ending the production of weapons systems in Scotland that are connected to apartheid, colonialism and genocide. Another Scotland is possible."

Police Scotland said tonight remaining protesters had left the site of their own accord.