SCOTTISH Energy Secretary Fergus Ewing last night criticised a Westminster decision to remove the right of people to object to fracking companies drilling below their homes.

The UK Government has confirmed it is to allow the work without the property owner's permission despite 99 per cent of respondents to the consultation opposing the plans.

Following a three-month public consultation, UK Energy Minister Matt Hancock yesterday confirmed the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) will press ahead with the controversial law change.

Mr Ewing, who officially objected to the proposals, condemned the decision, and has called for the key powers relating to this issue to be devolved as part of the current process.

He said: "The UK Government's failure to listen to our concerns is of great worry.

"That they have also failed to listen to 99 per cent of respondents to their own consultation just emphasises their "gung-ho" approach to the whole issue of fracking.

"We strongly believe that decisions on oil and gas drilling should be made by the people who live in Scotland, through the parliament and government they elected."