TOMMY Sheridan is under pressure to explain the fundraising effort behind the pro-independence rally in Glasgow today after he called for donations to be sent directly to his house.

The disgraced politician, who was jailed for lying in court, has also said cheques should be made out to a community group run by a former candidate for his Solidarity party.

Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser called for a "full breakdown" of the cash to be published.

Sheridan has asked potential attendees to donate cash to cover costs. In a message sent from his Twitter account earlier this month, Sheridan wrote: "Make cheques out to CUPI (Communities United Promoting Inclusion)& send to 2005 Paisley Rd West G52 3TD."

The CUPI organiser is John Park, who stood for Solidarity in East Kilbride at the 2012 local government election.

The Greenhill-based group is not a charity or a company, but instead describes itself as a "local community youth group".

The Glasgow property mentioned in the tweet is Sheridan's residence, although his wife, Gail, owns the house.

In Facebook posts, Sheridan has said the fundraising target was £3000, which was needed for "stage and PA".

Another message posted read: "Lovely gesture of trust and support. An envelope with a £20 note donation towards the costs of Sunday's Rally has been put through my letter-box this morning."

However, Sheridan has been urged to provide more financial details. Fraser said: "I think that a full breakdown of monies received and spent in relation to this event should be forthcoming from Tommy and the organisers."

And a Scottish Labour spokesperson said: "This seems an odd way to organise an event. Tommy clearly believes his fellow campaigners have as much confidence in him as he has in himself."

Sources in the Yes movement believe Sheridan is trying to latch on to the independence coalition in an attempt to rehabilitate himself politically.

Sheridan went on a solo tour during the referendum campaign after being shunned by mainstream Yes campaigners.

Neither Park nor Sheridan returned calls for comment.