There is absolutely no similarity between Nicola Sturgeon and Margaret Thatcher, the Scottish National Party's Westminster leader has said.

Angus Robertson took offence at Scotland Minister David Mundell's suggestion that the new SNP leader was like the former prime minister in being a female leader of her party.

Mr Robertson said new Scottish first minister Ms Sturgeon will be leading Scotland's most popular party whereas the former Tory leader destroyed her party in the country.

He said Mr Mundell was "living proof" of Mrs Thatcher's effect on her party in Scotland - he is currently the Tories' only Scottish MP.

Mr Mundell had echoed Mr Robertson's congratulations for Ms Sturgeon, telling the Commons: "Can I join you in congratulating Nicola Sturgeon on emulating Margaret Thatcher and becoming the female leader of her party?

"I most certainly look forward to working with her as the first female first minister of Scotland and my experience of Nicola Sturgeon previously is that she has adopted a constructive approach to discussions with the UK Government."

Mr Robertson replied: "I'm sure you wouldn't want to be creating a false impression.

"There is absolutely no comparison between Nicola Sturgeon and Margaret Thatcher.

"Nicola Sturgeon will be leading the most popular political party in Scotland.

"Margaret Thatcher destroyed the Tory Party and you are the living proof - they have only one seat in Scotland."