The musician who played the saxophone solo on the classic Gerry Rafferty hit Baker Street has died.

Raphael Ravenscroft, originally from Dumfries, recorded the renowned eight-bar sax riff on the 1978 song as well as working with Pink Floyd, Abba and Marvin Gaye and later Daft Punk and Duffy during his music career.

Friend Julie Bookham said he died at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital aged 60.

She said: "Raphael had suffered a stroke some time ago. We believe he had a heart attack. He was taken to hospital but died early Sunday morning."

Mr Ravenscroft was born on June 4, 1954 and became a musician and author on saxophone playing. Other Ravenscroft performing credits include work with Maxine Nightingale, Kim Carnes, Mike Oldfield, Chris Rea, Robert Plant, Brand X, Hazel O'Connor and Bonnie Tyler. In 1979, Ravenscroft released the solo album Her Father Didn't Like Me, Anyway.

Ravenscroft was paid just £27 for playing the sax piece on Rafferty's song - and the cheque later bounced.

Baker Street, on Rafferty's album City To City, sold more than four million copies.

More than 30 years later, the song was still earning Rafferty, who died in 2011, royalties of nearly £80,000 per year.

Ravenscroft was in the studio to record a soprano saxophone part but when the guitarist was not available to play the solo, suggested they use the alto saxophone he had in his car.

Rafferty later said that he composed the saxophone melody.

But speaking later, Ravenscroft said: "In fact, most of what I played was an old blues riff. If you're asking me: 'Did Gerry hand me a piece of music to play?' then no, he didn't."

Ravenscroft said he framed the bounced cheque adding: "If I had received pots of money, I wouldn't have known what to do. It might have destroyed me."

The distinctive riff was the subject of an urban myth created in the 1980s by broadcaster Stuart Maconie.

As a spoof for the NME, Maconie claimed Bob Holness from Blockbusters had played the saxophone solo.