about 200 jobs are to be lost as East Renfrewshire Council consults on plans to cut £20 million from its budget over the next three years.

The local authority has proposed a range of measures designed to trim the public budget and has put forth redundancies "with a heavy heart".

It claims 58 per cent of the savings needed - about £10.3m - have been identified without impacting on frontline services.

However, if the latest proposals are approved by councillors, 200 posts will lost from its payroll.

Elsewhere, the council confirmed a £7.3m reduction would be made across "all service areas", with each department contributing to close the gap.

It said the remaining £2.4m of cuts would identified in the coming year.

East Renfrewshire Council leader Jim Fletcher said staff losses were unavoidable as the local authority looks to plug the holes in its budget.

He added: "The proposals we are presenting today do not make easy reading and it is with a very heavy heart that my colleagues and I must bring this savings package forward for review.

"We have left no stone unturned in trying to identify where we can make savings with the minimal impact on local people. Our priority has been to make as many savings as possible by changing how we work internally before any service reviews are considered.

"The focus has always been on maintaining quality services, particularly to our most vulnerable residents, whilst protecting local jobs. Despite our best efforts, a reduction in staff numbers and the services we provide is likely to be unavoidable."

The council has launched a public consultation today, with all East Renfrewshire residents receiving a copy of the budget-savings proposals. They will make a final decision in February.