The estranged husband of former radio DJ Suzie McGuire has claimed she had a cocaine addiction and a drink problem.

Accountant Derek Mitchell, who is on trial for allegedly assaulting the former Radio Clyde drivetime presenter, told a court their relationship was marked by alcohol-fuelled arguments.

Mr Mitchell was giving evidence yesterday at Paisley Sheriff Court, where a number of charges were dropped against him due to lack of evidence. These include an ­allegation that he assaulted Ms McGuire in a Glasgow car park on Christmas Eve 2009.

Mr Mitchell, 35, was also cleared of assaulting Ms McGuire between March 2009 and October last year, and four further charges of making threats, derogatory remarks towards her and threatening to damage her property. He remains accused of a number of other assaults on his wife.

When asked to describe their relationship, which began in March 2009, Mr Mitchell said: "Unfortunately, it was volatile." He added: "There were a lot of disagreements, not seeing eye to eye on things. Maybe we wanted different things from life. Alcohol was a problem for both of us. Added to that, Suzie had a problem with cocaine as well.

"Generally we would have ­arguments and disagreements about things. If alcohol was involved that would just heighten the arguments and the number of disagreements."

Mr Mitchell denied Ms McGuire's claim he attacked her at their home in Eaglesham, East Renfrewshire, in November 2009.

Mr Mitchell said there had been a row following his arrest at a 40th birthday party thrown by a cousin of Ms McGuire. He said he had taken exception to ­someone suggesting that Ms McGuire looked like the singer Susan Boyle.

He denied Ms McGuire's ­allegation that he had grabbed her by the throat and hit her head off a cupboard at their home.

The court heard that Ms McGuire called police, who contacted Mr Mitchell. He added that he asked to meet them at his parents' home nearby.

Mr Mitchell said he returned to live with Ms McGuire and their children, Millie and Daisy, the following day.

Of the Christmas Eve 2009 assault allegation made by Ms McGuire, Mr Mitchell said there had been a heated row between them in the car park in Glasgow's Mitchell Street.

He said he took responsibility for the row, which was about his selfish attitude to life. In a "knee-jerk" reaction, Mr Mitchell said he did not wish to continue the relationship, something he later regretted, the court heard.

Mr Mitchell, of East Kilbride, added that he was cast as "the Grinch" who "stole Christmas for finishing the relationship at such a sensitive time for not a very good reason, because I'd had a feeling I'd quite like to be single again."

Mr Mitchell denied he would have been strong enough to pick Ms McGuire up and bite her on the cheek. "I 100 per cent did not do these things," he added.

He said that Ms McGuire had admitted to him that she contacted police following the incident "out of spite".

In February 2010, Mr Mitchell said he sent her an email in an attempt to win her back as he still had strong feelings for her. They rekindled their relationship shortly after, the court heard.

He added: "I still have strong feelings for Suzie today. I really did want to get back with her.

"I missed her and the girls greatly. The best part of my life had gone and I wasn't whole ­without her. I was filled with regret for ending the relationship." He denied the email was part of an apology for any assault.

Mr Mitchell said he vandalised her car after a newspaper article alleged Ms McGuire had an affair with a former Celtic player while pregnant with their son.

He said he was "physically sick" after reading the story

He also denied assaulting her in front of celebrities at a charity event in Bishopton, Renfrewshire, and breaching his bail terms by following her.

The trial continues.