FORMER Radio DJ Suzie McGuire's husband had to lock himself in a spare room at their home because he was so scared of his wife's attacks, a court has heard.

Accountant Derek Mitchell made the claim as he gave evidence at Paisley Sheriff Court, where he is on trial accused of repeatedly attacking the former Clyde One drivetime presenter, during their volatile relationship.

However, Mr Mitchell denied in court yesterday that he assaulted Ms McGuire and said her attacks on him left him in fear of his life.

The court heard last week that the allegations against Ms McGuire are on hold until Mr Mitchell's trial has been completed.

Mr Mitchell claims they took place after Ms McGuire had gone for an abortion while she was pregnant with his child.

The 35-year-old, who lived in Australia before meeting Ms McGuire, said he returned to the country early on in their relationship to visit friends.

He said upon his return to Scotland, Ms McGuire told him she been pregnant with his child but had the pregnancy terminated.

He said the development made him feel pressured into marrying her as he wanted children and she did not want to have another child out of wedlock.

Mr Mitchell said: "On at least five occasions I've gone to stay in hotels because I didn't feel comfortable going to sleep.

"A dozen times at least, I've locked myself in a back room of the house and slept on a couch to protect myself. I was in fear of my life."

The accountant said he was left scared to sleep in his bed after an incident while staying at the Cameron House Hotel by Loch Lomond in summer 2011.

They spent the evening drinking after a wedding with boxing promoter Barry Hughes and former Rangers goalkeeper Andy Goram before going upstairs, the court heard. Mr Mitchell added: "I told Suzie I was going back to the room. I went to sleep.

"The next thing I know I'm being dragged off the bed, punched, kicked and stamped on.

"I was half asleep, I was probably drunk, I was in a state of shock.

"I just went in to a ball to try and protect myself and she eventually stopped.

"I was gutted. We had to leave the hotel without anyone knowing and I was left with some quite bad injuries. To be woken up in that fashion is horrific."

Mr Mitchell told the court that he was left with two black eyes and a broken rib. He said Ms McGuire had attacked because she could not get into the room and had to get another key from the reception.

When asked by his lawyer, Billy Lavelle, how that left him feeling about his marriage, Mr Mitchell replied that the thought of being a part-time father to their children would have been "unbelievably difficult."

He said the incident had "a very big effect" on him and said he would always try and avoid conflict with Suzie after that. He explained: "I'm very well aware of the main reason I'm here. Suzie is a terrorist. She has terrorised me for nearly two years and used, unforgivably, the children as a weapon."

He told the jury he had never assaulted his wife. He was cross-examined about earlier court claims by TV presenter Michelle McManus and Ms McGuire that he had called his wife a slut at a hotel in Bishopton, Renfrewshire, in 2011. He denied using the words, but said she had been drinking heavily and flirting with army cadets, embarrassing him.

He also denied claims he had dug the fingers of his nails into her hands. He admitted he broke his wife's finger on the day of the Eaglesham Fair, in their home village, in 2011, but said it happened as he tried to stop her attacking him. The trial continues.