An academic who has ­criticised a much praised music tuition scheme in Venezuela, which has inspired similar projects in Scotland, has said he is "worried" about the system in the UK.

Dr Geoff Baker, of the Royal Holloway University of London, is publishing a book called El Sistema: Orchestrating Venezuela's Youth which is severely critical of the El Sistema scheme of intense music tuition, calling it a "model of tyranny". In Scotland, El Sistema has inspired the Big Noise orchestras in the Raploch estate in Stirling, Glasgow and, shortly, Aberdeen.

Last night Dr Baker said his book does not address the Big Noise in Scotland. He added: "I didn't study Big Noise. My book's a detailed study of the Venezuelan Sistema, based on a year's fieldwork in Venezuela.

"I would be worried ­ [about Big Noise]...the numerous flaws of El Sistema raise serious ­questions for Sistema-inspired projects. That seems to me to be a statement of the obvious. "Now, whether those projects have answers to those questions, or develop answers, is a different matter. That's for them to decide."

George Anderson, of Big Noise, said Sistema ­Scotland, which runs Big Noise, "does not recognise" Dr Baker's description of El Sistema.

He added: "We practise positive behaviour management and bring in outside experts to train our staff in this approach. We engage with some children who exhibit very challenging behaviour, and put a great deal of effort into meeting their needs."