Scottish Labour's deputy leader has said she would be prepared to work with the SNP after the general election.

Kezia Dugdale said she would have "no qualms whatsoever" about working with the Nationalists.

It comes as Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson warned that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Labour leader Ed Miliband are ''already halfway down the aisle'' to forming a new government after the general election.

However Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy has said that voting SNP or Green in May could keep the Tories in power.

Speaking on BBC Crossfire yesterday, Ms Dugdale said: "I think what we're setting out to do is to be the largest party. I have no qualms whatsoever about working with the SNP, I argued very strongly for example here in Edinburgh that Labour and the SNP join together to run the city council and they do that very, very well.

"I'm not tribal in that sense, I don't think many Labour voters or Labour members are."

Ms Sturgeon has already called on those who voted against independence but want a stronger Scottish Parliament to back the SNP at the general election.

The party has launched a new campaign poster showing tartan seats in the House of Commons, which states: ''The more seats we have here, the more powers we'll have in Scotland.''

On BBC Radio Scotland this morning, Ms Sturgeon was asked why she would consider a deal with Labour after the election.

She replied: "I'm not instinctively that keen on coalitions. I, as you know, was Deputy First Minister in a minority government between 2007 and 2011 and I think there's a lot to be said for minority government.

"You're absolutely correct that the SNP would never support formally or informally a Tory government but we could make sure that Labour didn't get away with taking Scotland for granted in the way that it has done for far too long."