NEW 20mph zones are to be rolled out in streets in Glasgow, just as councillors in Edinburgh prepare to vote on introducing the speed limit restrictions across large parts of the city.

There are already 54 zones in Glasgow where the speed limit is lower than the normal 30mph, in residential areas with a priority around schools.

As the Scottish Government issued new guidelines aimed at making it simpler for councils to put in reduced speed zones, Glasgow identified another 11 zones across the city.

The current zones, which are not legally enforced by the police, have traffic calming measures in place to make sure drivers slow down.

The new zones will be in Anniesland West, Anniesland East, Barrowfield, Hillhead, Kelvindale, Knightswood, Mansewood, Robroyston, North Kelvin, Swinton and West Drumoyne.

As Edinburgh City Council announced it planned to introduce 20mph zones this week, Glasgow is now preparing for its fourth phase of the speed reducing measure designed to reduce traffic accidents and cut pedestrian casualties, especially among children.

Glasgow also has part-time 20mph zones around every school in the city in the morning and afternoon when children are going to and leaving school.

The Scottish Government has issued a Good Practice Guide to give clarity to councils wanting to implement the reduced speed limit zones.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council said: "We have received the guidelines and we will consider its contents."

Glasgow has already been doing much of what is being encouraged by the Scottish Government but has plans to do more with an increase in zones.

The guidance is aimed at creating more 20mph zones in residential areas and around schools.

Transport Minister Derek Mackay said: "The Scottish Government is committed to creating a healthier, greener and safer Scotland and believes that the introduction of 20 miles per hour restrictions can help to contribute to all these objectives.

"By reducing speed on our roads we can create streets where the space is shared more equally between different road users and create a safer environment, encouraging people to make active travel choices.

"Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2020 set challenging casualty reduction targets and aims to address speed as one of its main priorities. This new 20mph guidance will help towards achieving these targets by reducing speeds on our roads."

The guidance has been developed with the Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS).

Ewan Wallace, Chairman of SCOTS, said: "I commend the document to all local authorities as they continue to tackle all of the challenges associated with reducing the level of death and serious injury across our road network."