THE SNP has agreed to provide a chauffeur-driven car for former leader Alex Salmond.

Party bosses approved the perk. It is believed to be the first time a political party has continued to pick up the tab for a vehicle after a leader has quit.

An SNP source said the car was to take the former First Minister from "A to B" and would save public money through a reduced expenses bill.

The party uses a private-hire firm as and when required.

It was reported last month that the former SNP leader had been using public transport.

"I love public ­transport but it takes me some time to get around at the moment," he said.

Scottish Tory deputy leader Jackson Carlaw said SNP membership subscriptions were being used to pay for the ex-First Minister's "imperial" lifestyle.

He said: "Considering Alex Salmond seems determined on a new career as the SNP's back-seat driver, it's perhaps no surprise the SNP is splashing out on a chauffeur-driven limousine to ferry him around."

Scottish Labour MP Anne McGuire said: "Alex Salmond stood down months ago but he's still acting like he is First Minister.''

An SNP ­spokesperson said: "The former First Minister has no access to the Government car service, in contrast to former prime ministers and a number of other UK Government ministers.

"Therefore, his transportation, including to party events, has no impact at all on the public purse."