JK ROWLING has amazed and delighted her fans by revealing she plays hit computer game Minecraft.


The Harry Potter author revealed the creative, block-building game was one of her favourite ways of wasting time.

Rowling added that she even plays the game in "hardcore" mode with her 11-year-old son, David.

The Edinburgh-based writer revealed yesterday that she was "fighting with a tricky chapter and procrastinating by making tea and looking at Twitter."

When a fan suggested that social media was behind all procrastination, she replied: "Along with books bought for research that are too interesting to put down, 24 hour news and, of course, Minecraft."

When a fan tweeted "You play Minecraft omg lol", she replied: "I have an 11 year old son - of course I play Minecraft."

One user asked: "Do you play with the monsters on or off?" to which Rowling replied: "On, naturally. I'm hardcore."

Fans' responses included "amazing".

@rafZ_chan wrote: "Now I'm imagining you breaking blocks to protect your place against nocturnal monsters."

Minecraft has sold 54 million copies around the world, despite its clunky graphics and lack of bloody violence.

The game allows players freedom to get together with friends online and use blocks to create almost anything they can imagine.

Minecraft was recently bought from its Swedish creators, Mojang, by Microsoft for $2.5bn.



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