ONE of Glasgow's most senior social work chiefs has been suspended from his duties.


An investigation has been launched into complaints made about the conduct of Raymond Bell, a member of the senior social work management team at Glasgow City Council.

The local authority declined to reveal what he had been suspended for, with a spokesman saying it was policy never to comment on internal personnel matters.

Mr Bell is head of mental health and adult support and protection in the city and would have been expected to play a key role in the integration of health and social care under Glasgow's new Community Health Partnership.

He has overseen the introduction of personalised budgets for social care, the closure of centres for people with learning disabilities and a series of mental health budget and service cuts.

Susan Aitken, social care spokeswoman for the SNP opposition on the council, confirmed complaints about senior figures in the department had been brought to the attention of council bosses.

She said: "Although it's obviously inappropriate to comment on any individual case before a final decision is made, the SNP group has previously raised concerns with the chief executive's office about reported incidents of overbearing and intimidatory behaviour by some senior social work staff towards service-users and carers who have disputed aspects of care assessments."

"It is extremely important that any such reports are taken seriously and responded to swiftly. The principles of a person-centred service mean that the views and feelings of carers and service-users must always be treated with respect."