Scotland needs "fresh thinking" and "new ideas", actor Martin Compston says in a new SNP campaign video.

The broadcast, which was aired for the first time at the SNP conference in Glasgow, features the Sweet Sixteen and Monarch Of The Glen star.

Compston, who campaigned for independence and is a member of the SNP, described Scotland as being "a wee bit ragged around the edges sometimes".

He added that its people were "proud, optimistic, full of hope and gallous".

He said last year's independence referendum was a "roller coaster" and added: "Everyone wants change now, there's an election coming up."

The actor continued: "I remember when Labour used to stand up to the Tories but that's just not happening any more.

"It's time for something positive, something different from cuts, cuts cuts."

With the general election less than six weeks away, he stated: "The question for us here in Scotland isn't which Westminster party will become the next UK government. The question is who's really going to stand up for Scotland?"