PEOPLE in Aberdeenshire and Kincardine are the highest earners in Scotland with average income for all adults, including the self-employed averaging £27,600.

That is £6,500 more than the average for the country and £9,300 more than those in the lowest earning constituencies, Dundee West and Glasgow South West.

Edinburgh South is the constituency with the second highest average incomes at £26,700 followed by Aberdeen South with £26,100, according to analysis by NFU Mutual.

Folk in Glenrothes were the third lowest average earners in Scotland, typically taking home just £200 a year more than their lower-paid

counterparts in Dundee West and Glasgow South West.

Annual income tax bills in Scotland averaged £2,390.

Aberdeenshire was ranked as having the highest quality of life of any rural part of Scotland the Bank of Scotland Rural Areas Quality of Life survey two years ago.

The area topped the poll not just for high incomes but also low crime and good education.

The survey found that people living in Aberdeenshire tend to be fit and healthy, with a higher-than-average life expectancy - and also enjoy more hours of sunshine than other Scots.

But the report found the drawbacks were that the average price of a house in the area was 5.7 times the average gross annual local earnings - well above the Scottish average of five times earnings - and only 70 per cent have a good level of broadband access due to the remote locations of some of its housing.

Last month separate analysis showed that the average Scots worker's annual wage fell by almost £1,900 in real terms since the Conservative- Lib Dem government came to power five years ago.

According an analysis, by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and the Institute for Public Policy Research (Ippr) think tank, the real value of the average full-time wage in Scotland fell by £1,882 between 2010 and 2014.

The average chief executive of a FTSE-listed company earned the the average Scottish wage of £27,045 in just over two days of work last year, making their annual salary 123 times the average Scottish wage.