The SSE Hydro will have you in a spin as the venue has announced plans to introduce "arenamotion" technology.

The move by the Glasgow venue, which is the world's second busiest live entertainment arena, will mean it is the first venue of its kind to rotate.

"Arenamotion" has never before been applied to a live music venue, but Hydro bosses are confident that by using Maglev technology (magnetic levitation) the arena can be made to spin 360 degrees on its axis.

Simply put, powerful electro magnets will be retro fitted into the foundation of the arena which will raise the structure and allow it to move and spin to a pre-determined controlled pattern.

The new concept will enhance fans' experience at live events and particularly concerts as the movement can be set to varying speeds and can be orchestrated to music.

Professor Rolf Palio of Cape Town University of Technology, who is an expert in the field, said: "This is a very exciting concept, similar to the use of Maglev technology on high speed trains and other transport methods.

"The design of The SSE Hydro is so advanced that we were able to include this in future plans at an early stage."

An SECC spokeswoman added: "The SSE Hydro has already delivered way beyond our expectations. "Now that we are up and running so successfully we feel that this is the perfect time to introduce a step change for fans and this is going to be a truly fantastic experience for them."

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