Wind output has jumped 16 per cent year on year and now provides more than enough to power all of Scotland's homes, according to WWF Scotland.

Analysis by the charity shows that last month's figures revealed a sizeable increase in wind-powered electricity compared to March 2014.

However, the organisation warned that more support is needed to boost energy storage and reduce demand.

Lang Banks, WWF Scotland Director, said output was up by 161,322MWh.

He said: "Strong winds throughout last month helped to make it a record-breaking March for wind power output, with enough clean energy generated to supply the needs of 110per cent of Scottish households and 57per cent of Scotland's entire electricity demand from homes, businesses and industry across the month.

"Even better, wind output was up 16per cent compared to the same period last year, putting us on track to have another record-breaking year for wind power.

"Even though Scotland is generating so much renewable energy, it's vital that our politicians don't forget to keep supporting investment in demand reduction and energy storage, such as pumped hydro. Doing so makes hitting our renewables targets easier and helps on those days when the wind isn't blowing so strongly."

He added: "We're not yet in summer, but for tens of thousands of homes that have installed solar panels to generate electricity or heat water, between half and three-quarters of their needs were met by the sun during March, helping to reduce reliance on polluting fossil fuels."

He said it was unsurprising that, with the pollution-free nature of wind and solar power, that opinion polls strongly backed the next UK Government to keep supporting the deployment of even more renewables.

Mr Banks added: "We urge political parties to listen to public and to do all they can to ensure Scotland is able to fully harness its massive renewable resource."