Lingerie guru Michelle Mone has revealed her health and fitness secrets after losing almost eight stone.

Mone said she owes her dramatic weight loss to juicing, eating clean and giving up alcohol.

The bra entrepreneur has become an advocate for fitness and healthy eating after previously struggling with her weight and now regularly posts photos of herself exercising on social media.

She said: "I juice one week, I just juice all the time and I make all my own juices up, and then the following week I'll eat clean so no processed foods and lots of water.

"I stopped drinking on January 1 as well and I've lost almost eight stone in total so I feel as if I'm in the zone. It's an amazing place, I'm taking control of my life."

Mone said that keeping fit should not stop people enjoying a night out and urged others who are trying to lose weight to take control of their lifestyle and what they eat.

She said: "If you're going to a restaurant tell them the way you want your food cooked. There's been loads of times that I've sent food back because there was butter on it and I'd told them no butter. If you come to Ultimo and you ask for a pink bra and you get a red one you wouldn't buy it, would you?

"I make people work round my lifestyle whereas before I used to work round theirs. I'd go and get burgers and this and that because it was the only thing on the menu. Now I say 'what do you have? You've got salad, I want you to chop me up some chicken, I want you to cook me a piece of fish under the grill, no butter, lemon, that's it'.

"I think people think that when they're changing their lifestyle that they have to stay in but you don't, you can go out and still have a good time."

The Glasgow businesswoman revealed her health tips to HeraldScotland while opening her new Ultimo concession in Debenham's in Argyll Street.

The concession, which is Mone's second in Glasgow, is one of 40 set to open across the UK this year.

She said: "It's really cool and it's special to open another one in Glasgow.

"We're opening up 40 this year all over Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. It's nice to have the collection here, and we've got ambassadors that fit people as well so it's nice to take control of your destiny.

"I think Scottish women love Ultimo because the fit is great, we go now from a size 30 back all the way up to a 38AA and all the way up to a G cup. We've got fashion dilemmas, we've got inventions, we've got everything."

It's been a busy year for Mone. She has just launched Utan, a self-tanning product, in 500 Boots stores after buying the company and is currently in the middle of a book tour to promote her chart-topping autobiography 'My fight to the Top.

She has now been offered three more book deals following the success of her first offering, which has been called inspirational by critics.

She said: "The book's not really just for women, it's for guys as well.

"I was really surprised by the reaction. I've never done anything like this before and I was exceptionally nervous about it because I didn't know if it was going to be a flop but so far so good. My aim was to get into the top 100 and it went straight into number one, it's beyond my wildest dreams. I've now been offered three more book deals because of it.

"It's good that people are getting some sort of inspiration from it but it was my way of being open and honest and I wanted to do that to help people.

"Everything I've done so far in my career, apart from splitting up with my husband, has been successful and I wanted people who look at me and think what a glorious life to know what was going on behind the scenes and that this is what it was really like."

However, the Scots star is keen that readers realise how hard she has had to work for her success.

She added: "I think it's important for people to see that I've had to work, you can't get anything in life without working for it.

"People that think that they can just turn up and be complacent and lazy will never make it and I think that now I've managed to reach the top I'll never ever be complacent."

She was also quick to quash rumours that she is about to join Dragons Den, telling fans she has another project in the pipeline.

She said: "I'm not doing it this year, I've been offered it quite a few times. I'm doing a big show this year but I can't say anything about it just now."

Watch this space.