The fourth year of the global celebration of Scotland's national drink has been toasted across seven continents... including Antarctica.

Thousands of whisky fans all over the world are set to raise a dram today for World Whisky Day, with more than 140 events registered in more than 40 countries.

And for the first time the event, which was established by a student from Aberdeen University, will be celebrated with events on all seven continents now including Antarctica.

On the inhospitable continent, researchers from the Australian Antarctic Division are holding a celebratory whisky tasting session just over 9,500 miles from World Whisky Day's Edinburgh HQ.

The expedition team will bring some 'liquid sunshine' to the permanently dark Antarctic winter by sampling a variety of whiskies from their personal collections.

World Whisky Day Founder, Blair Bowman, said: "World Whisky Day just keeps getting bigger and better.

"To see it grow from a simple idea to something which has spread across all seven continents and is bringing together thousands of people to celebrate whisky is such a thrill."

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: "It's great to see an iconic Scottish product bringing so many people around the world together."

Events are being held in places such as Bali in Indonesia, Colombia, South Korea and Nigeria.

And closer to home, 300 whisky fans will enjoy a tasting 2,000 feet up Aonach Mor.

World Whisky Day, which is run by drinks magazine Hot Rum Cow, has been supported by the Scottish Government since its launch in 2012 and the 2014 event was described by former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond as "the perfect opportunity to celebrate and shine a light on the quality, provenance, traditions and innovations that go into our whisky."

A motion supporting the event is expected to go through the Scottish Parliament next week.