DEVO, vape and onesie are among thousands of new words that have been added to he official Scrabble rulebook.

Publishers Collins, guardians of the list of words that can be used in the popular boardgame, said that 6,500 words had been added in total.

Joining the trio, which refer to devolution, electronic cigarettes and a popular leisure garment respectively, are a host of slang words used on social media, in texts and on the street.

These include shootie (fashionable shoe that covers the ankle), cakeages (restaurant charges levied for serving cake brought in from outside), and podiumed (often used at sporting events, particularly the olympics).

The new wordlist also recognises the role technology and electronic communication continue to play in our lives with the addition sexting, hacktivist, webapp, and pwn (to humiliate your opponent in online gaming).

Helen Newstead, head of language content at collins said: "The internet age has revolutionised the inclusion of slang in dictionaries and Collins official scrabble words is no exception.

"Dictionaries have always included formal and informal English, but it used to be hard to find printed evidence of the use of slang words. now people use slang in social media posts, tweets, blogs, comments, text messages, you name it so there's a host of evidence for informal varieties of english that simply didn't exist before. we still consider electronic citations carefully before adding new words, but we're certainly in a new and exciting era for recording a wider variety of english usage than ever before."