Michelle Mone has said that she is not turning her back on Scotland after announcing she will leave the country.

The bra tycoon hit out at SNP activists who criticised her plan to move away from Scotland

The bra tycoon tweeted that she plans to move away from Scotland this morning, saying many factors had been involved in her decision.

She later tweeted that her career success had been a factor after Kevin Wallace replied "Hopefully the door will smack you on the way out... pointless Tory drone..." to her original tweet. This reply has now been deleted from Mone's account.

She has confirmed that Ultimo HQ will remain in Scotland.


Mone had previously said she would leave Scotland if the country voted for independence in the September 2014 referendum.

The lingerie guru, who gave her backing to the Tories ahead of the general election, sold her luxury flat in Glasgow's Park Circus last month so she could buy her ex-husband out of the 'dream house' they once shared in Thorntonhall, Lanarkshire.

Her announcement has received a mixed reaction on Twitter, with some asking what prompted her decision.











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