David Cameron has blamed the Liberal Democrats for holding back a crackdown on immigration as he unveiled plans to force sectors to train more Britons.

The Conservative Prime Minister said he could now press ahead with reforms after winning an outright victory at the General Election.

New figures show that net migration last year soared to 318,000, much higher than the Tory leader's ambition of 100,000.

But Mr Cameron has come under fire for his plans, which also include a new offence of illegal working which would allow police to seize the wages of illegal migrants.

The proposals will form part of an Immigration Bill in next week's Queen's Speech.

Earlier Mr Cameron had said that he wanted to make the UK a less attractive place for some migrants to come to work.

In response Scottish Government minister for Europe and International Development Humza Yousaf said that migrants made "important economic, social and cultural contributions to our communities".

Striking a markedly different tone he said that the Scottish Government "work hard to attract the best international talent to Scotland and those who choose to make Scotland their home will always be welcomed."

Under the Tory plans banks will also be forced to check accounts against illegal migrant databases, while employers will be banned from carrying out overseas recruitment without advertising in the UK.

Mr Cameron also confirmed he would set up a new taskforce to cut the number of professionals whose skills are deemed by the Migration Advisory Committee to be in short supply.

The Prime Minister predicted the move would encourage many industries to train more Britons.

Mr Cameron said that to sustain the UK's success "immigration needs to be controlled.

"After all, that was the clear instruction at the election. With this Immigration Bill, with these other measures, with our EU renegotiations and with a fully Conservative government, we will do just that.

"Our approach will be tougher, fairer and faster. It will put an end to the houses packed full of illegal workers, stop people stalling deportation with spurious appeals, give British people the skills to do the jobs we need and deliver what people want - what they voted for.

"We've got the majority to do that now. We're not wasting a second. So we're going to get on - and we're going to do it."