As footballing Valhallas go, it does not spring to mind just as quickly as the Nou Camp or the Maracana.

A field popular with sheep on the tiny Hebridean island of Eriskay is not the obvious venue for lovers of silky soccer.

Now the rough footie pitch on the side of a windswept hill has been named one of the eight most remarkable places to watch football in the world by governing body, FIFA.

As part of a project to coincide with the opening of FIFA's new museum in Zurich, filmmakers were on the island this week to record a locals' kick-about.

Until now, Eriskay was best-known as the setting for the book and film Whisky Galore

Morag Mackinnon, owner of the Politician bar on the island, said: "It's all about showing people how difficult life can be on an island, where there's next to no facilities."

"In Glasgow, you can pay your twenty quid and get floodlights, a nice pitch and changing rooms. Here you might be in a van in the pouring rain, trying to pull your shorts on." Martin Macaulay, manager of Eriskay FC, said the playing surface was "bumpy," adding: "It's just all over the place."