SCOTLAND'S Education Secretary is seeking to correct the Scottish Parliament's official report after she wrongly claimed there had been no reduction in student bursaries.

In a letter to Labour MSP Michael McMahon, Angela Constance said: "I am writing to advise you that I have requested a correction to the official report in relation to my response to your question... on student support.

"This correction clarifies that there has been no reduction in overall living cost support, as opposed to bursaries, in moving from the old main higher education student support package to the new one in 2013/14. I am also writing to the presiding officer to advise her of the requested correction."

Scottish Labour's education spokesman Iain Gray said: "It's welcome that the SNP have finally admitted that bursaries have been cut since they took office.

"Under the SNP, bursaries and grants for students who have the talent, but not the resources to get on in life have been slashed by £40 million. That's millions of pounds taken away from thousands of working class students. It's shameful."