ALEX Salmond's outside interests have earned more than £100,000 so far this year, according to an update of the Scottish Parliament register of interests.

The former First Minister received £91,800 for "sales, royalties and payments" up to June 3 for his best-selling book on the independence referendum, The Dream Shall Never Die.

The money was in addition to £13,500 declared earlier this week in his Westminster register for newspaper "articles and interviews" between January and March.

The total of £105,300 was paid to The Chronicles of Deer, a company Mr Salmond created earlier this year to receive his income from publishing.

Mr Salmond also earns £67,700 a year as the MP for Gordon and is paid £19,700 - one third of the standard MSP's salary - as the MSP for Aberdeenshire East.

However he donates the latter, plus his First Minister's pension of £2598 a month, to the Mary Salmond Trust, a charity named after his mother which operates in North East Scotland.

Mr Salmond's spokesman said the registers were updated in line with parliamentary rules.