Scots are spending almost £30 million a year in coffee shops as around a third visit one at least once a week, according to a survey.

One in ten of those asked said they make between five and 10 monthly coffee-shop visits, amounting to a minimum spend of about £220 per year.

Keen coffee drinkers who visit more than 15 times each month spend around £515 per year, the research found.

The survey for budgeting account provider thinkmoney showed a third of respondents said they spend up to £10 on hot drinks and cakes each time they do a coffee run.

Ian Williams, a spokesman for the company, said: "It's easy to let small costs like takeaway coffees slip under the radar, so seeing how much we spend as a nation is quite eye-opening.

"Of course, a latte or a piece of flapjack won't break the bank, we just need to be careful not to let them burn too much of a hole in our pockets.

"I think a lot of people would be surprised to find out what their annual spend really adds up to."

Conducted by OnePoll, 635 adults in Scotland were surveyed, with the study based on the £2.45 average price for a medium cappuccino or latte.