A CAMPAIGN group linked to Yes Scotland has been fined £1500 for failing to provide a report of its spending during the independence referendum.

Labour for Independence was ruled in breach of the Scottish Independence Referendum Act by the Electoral Commission watchdog.

The group, established by former professional wrestler Allan Grogan, was registered as a "permitted participant" and subject to strict spending limits.

All permitted participants registered with the Electoral Commission were required to deliver a report of spending.

Labour for Independence was the only referendum campaigner that failed to provide any report, according to the watchdog.

It liaised with the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal before imposing the penalty.

In a statement, the watchdog said: "The Commission considered that this was a serious breach of the rules, as without the report the public has no information as to what donations Labour for Independence accepted, how much it spent, or how it spent that money.

"In addition, the penalty reflects the Commission’s concerns over Labour for Independence’s apparent lack of commitment to compliance.

"The Commission took into account that this was not the first compliance issue with this campaigner; leaflets distributed during the campaign by Labour for Independence did not have an imprint, although in that case the Commission dealt with the matter without formal action."

The penalty will increase by 50 per cent if it is not paid within 56 days.

The Electoral Commission has powers to pursue the fine through the courts if it remains unpaid after 28 days.

Labour for Independence attracted controversy during the campaign.

It faced claims it was a "sham" organisation when it emerged that activists pictured at a rally were SNP members.

Mr Grogan, who wrestled under the ring name The Natural, was a Labour member from Angus who launched the group on social media.

Some of the group's events were promoted by the official Yes Scotland campaign organisation.

He was unavailable for comment.