Scottish extremist Aqsa Mahmood has attacked refugees fleeing Islamic State as "rich" people "seeking to fulfill their whims".

The 20-year-old left Glasgow in 2014 to marry a Islamist fighter in Syria but has now turned on those making the journey in the opposite direction.

Dubbed Scotland's "jihadi bride", Mahmood - or someone using her name - has been an active propagandiser for Islamic State for more than a year.

In a blogpost in her adopted name, Umm Layth, the former private schoolgirl berated Muslims for running to the Kuffar, non-believers.

She said: "It’s sad to see people of the west flee and run to Allah and the Muslims to bring back their honor to them whilst these people run to the kuffar and think that seeking help from them will truly benefit them.

"Those who flee to Europe are not the poor afflicted people of this land, they are the richer ones those who are off seeking to fulfill their whims and live life far from Allah’s law.

"The Islamic State has opened its land to those who flee from war and seek refuge in Allah first and their brothers after that. They will get decent treatment and eat from what we eat rather than being caged off like infectious animals.

"I don’t think they are afraid for the sake of their children as they know the risks, which include death, that they're taking just to get there."

There is no way of proving the authenticity of Mahmood's writing, which often used stilted religious constructions.

Mahmood has previously provided advice for young women wishing to join her in Syria and is understood to have joined Islamic State's female police service.

Her parents have pleaded for her to return home. However, she would almost certainly face arrest in the United Kingdom. She has said she would rather die in Syria.