ONE in 10 local journeys should be made by bike, according to the Scottish Government. So how many MSPs took advantage of a generous Holyrood perk encouraging them to cycle to work?

Step - or rather pedal - forward, Claudia Beamish.

The South of Scotland MSP was alone in claiming expenses for cycling from her Edinburgh base to the parliament.

She pedalled the three mile journey a dozen times last year and, claiming the parliament's 20p per mile allowance, racked up a bill of £7.20.

Details emerged as the parliament published MSPs expenses for the last financial year, 2014/15.

In total they claimed £12.5million, a drop of £12,500 on the previous year.

As usual, the biggest single cost, amounting to more than £9.1million, was employing staff both at Holyrood and in their constituency offices.

Ms Beamish's cycling stood out as MSPs claimed £240,000 in mileage for using their cars.

One other MSP travelled by two wheels, Holyrood's only biker Jim Hume, who claimed £29.76 for twice covering the 62 mile round trip between his home and Holyrood on his motorcycle.

The Scottish Government wants 10 per cent of local journeys to be made by bike by the end of the decade.

Labour MSP Ms Beamish, who is campaigning for more cycle racks to be provided at rail stations, said more should be done to encourage cyclists.

She said: "For me it is by far the best way of travelling around Edinburgh but there are costs associated with it.

"As co-convenor of the parliament's cross party group on cycling I am clear that we need a range of initiatives for safe cycling to be taken up by more people."

She added: "Cycling is now more popular than ever and investment in new cycle lanes for example is welcome but long overdue.

"Cycling education in schools is essential. "However it will only really work when there is an integrated travel approach so that cyclists can take their bikes on public transport."

Just four MSPs used Edinburgh's new tram system, spending £54.50 between them on tickets.

The only regular user was Tavish Scott, who was transport minister when the scheme was approved.

MSPs spent £5,199 on ferries.

The costs were part of an overall bill of £380,000 for travel by MSPs. A further £80,000 was claimed for travel by members of staff.

The annual figures revealed MSPs spent £1.3million on running costs for their constituency offices and

£501,000 on stationery and postage.

MSPs entitled to claim for staying in Edinburgh spent £352,000 renting accommodation and £234,000 on hotels.

Those renting claimed also claimed their deposits, council tax, phone and utility bills and factors' fees.

Those staying in hotels billed the taxpayer for evening meals and "refreshments".

MSPs representing more remote parts of Scotland spent £10,491 staying overnight in their own constituencies or regions.

Five MSPs took advantage of a scheme to provide spectacles for their staff, spending £245 between them.

A Scottish Parliament spokeswoman said: "Figures published today show a 0.2 per cent decrease on the previous year. This is a fall of £25,238."