Jeremy Corbyn has predicted that Labour party will "win" next year's Scottish Parliament elections. 

The party is currently trailing the SNP in the polls with Nicola Sturgeon's party tipped for a landslide victory.  

But Mr Corbyn used his first speech as party leader to say that he wanted to renew his party's policies:  "So that we can reach out across the country and win next year - starting in Wales and Scotland".

He promised to "learn the lessons" from the SNP's success in May's general election and to make Labour a "great fighting force" north of the border once again. 

He said that Labour in Scotland would "learn the lessons of the past, we will again make Labour the great fighting force you expect us to be." 

But he made an apparent gaffe by appearing to read out a direction on the autocue, telling him which points in his speech to emphasise. 

He told the hall "and - strong message here" before going on to criticise the SNP's record on education.