WINGS Over Scotland, one of the most high-profile pro-independence campaigners in last year's referendum, has been fined by the Electoral Commission.

The website, run by Stuart Campbell, was given a £750 financial penalty for failing to provide receipts and invoices relating to campaign expenditure, according to the elections watchdog.

As a registered "permitted participant" in the campaign, the website was allowed to spend up to £150,000.

It has declared spending of nearly £70,000, according to Electoral Commission records, mostly on producing a campaign booklet.

The fine was imposed earlier this month but not announced by the Electoral Commission, indicating a relatively minor breach in the rules.

The watchdog added: "Additional information was provided after the deadline."

Wings Over Scotland became a favourite with Nationalists during the referendum campaign.

Somerset-based Mr Campbell, who styles himself "Reverend," continues to be one of the most outspoken voices in the constitutional debate on social media.

Earlier this year, pro-independence campaign group Labour for Independence was fined £1500 for failing to submit campaign expenditure details, in what the Electoral Commission described as a "serious" breach of the rules.

The Communications Workers Union, supporting the No side, was fined £500 for spending money on campaigning before it was officially registered with the Electoral Commission.

Mr Campbell said: “We're entitled to appeal to a county court over the fine, and will very likely do so.

“However, we welcome the confirmation that ‘The Commission accepts that there was no intention to avoid transparency on your part’.”