Fifty five percent of Scots want to stay in the European Union, with only 30% backing calls to leave, according to a new poll.

A YouGov poll showed 50% of Scots also believe that the EU is a good thing.

However, in England, there is strong support for an EU exit, with 43% of those polled saying they backed leaving, compared to 40% who wanted to remain.

In Wales, 38% backed wanted to leave the EU, with 42% saying they would vote to stay.

The poll also showed that support in Scotland for staying in the EU was highest among Liberal Democrat voters, with 67% saying they would vote to stay.

Sixty three percent of Labour supporters were in favour of remaining in the EU, while 56% of SNP voters backed staying.

However, there was greater support for leaving amongst Conservative voters, with 49% backing an EU exit.

Scots men were also more likely to vote to remain in the EU than women, according to the poll.

The UK is set to hold an referendum on EU membership by the end of 2017.