THE family of a Scot who is in an induced coma after being hit on the head during the terrorist attack in Paris have said they don't know when he will become conscious.

Callum MacDonald, 24, was at the Bataclan where the rock band Eagles of Death Metal were performing, when he was struck by a weapon, family have said.

It has been suggested that the man, who is said to have a two-year-old daughter, was found behind a dumpster outside the venue and taken to hospital.

The Bataclan saw the worst loss of life in the terror attacks with 89 gunned down.

His cousin Serlina Reynolds took to Twitter to try and trace what happened to Mr Macdonald from Fort William and another 29-year-old cousin Coleen.

She wrote: "I'm trying to locate my cousin, "Callum" Hamish MacDonald. He's 24, 6'4, ginger, Eagle tattoo on his arm and last seen #Bataclan."

After hearing that Coleen "was grand" she was informed that Mr Macdonald was unconscious in hospital.

She said: "My cousin, Callum, who went missing for 10 hours after #ParisAttack is alive and breathing on his own. Thank you for your support & love!

"There was some complications on his leg and had him into a induced coma. They saved his leg but we don't know when he wakes up."

Earlier she said: "Callum is off his breathing mask and we are waiting for him to wake up soon! Thank you!! #PeaceForTheWorld

"Staff at the hospital have been wonderful to us. Sad that we can't see him tho.

"We want nothing but seeing him alive and hopefully on his feet soon.

"Thank you people for helping us to find him and everything. Massive love to the families who don't."





She said she was told by what was believed to be a hospital staff member that he was "hit by a blunt force" and assumed the weapon was "a baseball bat" or something with a "rounded end".

"I don't care what people might think but I want a name (for) who ever hit my cousin and left him almost die behind the dumpster after #ParisAttack," she tweeted.

After discovering that he had been found on Saturday she tweeted: "It was the longest 10 hours of my life. Callum is ALIVE.

"Today is the day I helped to locate my cousin after bombing but last Jan he saved my life from me. Unusual but the happiest day. Thank you.

"We're just glad that we found him alive and safe and sound...

"I'm tweeting and crying so hard at the same time but this is the joys of tears, rays of happiness coming out of me eyes. Thank you.

"Callum's wife, Cece, wanted to send her thanks to every one of yous who RTed my tweet. We are beyond thankful, grateful. We owe you a life."

The Foreign Office could not talk specifically about the case but said: "We have provided consular support to everyone we are aware of and we will have have an enhanced package of support for those directly caught up in the attack."

It comes as more Scots witnesses give accounts of what they saw.

Pub boss Colin Shepherd from Aberdeen carried on as normal, and told others to do the same, by opening his Pure Malt pub, on Rue Caron near the killings, for business.

He said on social media: “I was at The Bataclan with a group of friends. All of us are still here today.

“One was hit but I talked to him today, he was operated on last night and he’ll make a full recovery.

“Our thoughts go out to another friend, Manu, who was also hit but is going to get through this.

“If you live in Paris then please carry on as normal today. We cannot let these animals win.”

And Glasgow DJ Joe Deacon told of his concern for his wife and 15-year-old son, who were in Paris at the time of the attacks until they posted photos of themselves in the Notre Dame region just before the attacks happened.

He said: “I can’t wait to give them a big hug when they return.”

Meanwhile Glasgow Muslims have moved to denounce the Paris attacks.

A Muslim Peace Conference held on Saturday night in Bearsden, was used to "totally condemn the barbaric attacks in Paris".

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Glasgow-organised conference prayed " for the dead, the injured and their families".

A spokesman for the event said: "The event...was a platform to condemn all the activities of the few so-called Muslims, which were terrorising the world peace and to expose their atrocities by revealing the true beautiful teachings of Islam as found in the Holy Koran and the peaceful practices of the founder of Islam the Prophet Muhammad."