Ever wanted to find Nessie? Tumblr user 'rasec-wizzlbang' has a very unique idea. 

Posting a question on Tumblr three days ago, the user asked 'Can someone calculate for me the volume of loch ness in liters so I can figure out how many humans you’d need to drink it?'

Users were quick to reply, and it led to this hilarious conversation, racking up over 5,000 reblogs. 

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Can someone calculate for me the volume of loch ness in liters so I can figure out how many humans you’d need to drink it

Ok I had to search a bit, but it’s apparently 7,448,160,000,000 liters?
this is a problem, the upper limit of the average human stomach is just four liters, and even then that’s a very uncomfortable amount of water to have in there. Which means there aren’t enough humans on this planet to drink all of loch ness

what if they drank their fill and then peed it out somewhere where the liquid wouldn’t just run back into loch ness? Then they could go back and drink more the next morning. How many days would that take? Would we end up with a new loch made entirely of pee? Loch piss? 

possibly, but thats not taking rainfall into account and the amount of water fed into it every day by the River Oich

The upper limit for the human stomach is about 4 liters. It takes the human body about 45 to 60 minutes to absorb/expel 1 liter of water (for the sake of this math problem just go with 60 (1 hour). An average person sleeps 8 hours. An average person spends about 3 hours eating (1 hour for each meal of the day) A day is 24 hours.

1 person alone: 572 billion days or all 7.3 billion people just 78.5 days, roughly. Assuming no one died of e coli or something.

this is good, but again, this doesn’t take rainfall or the river oich into account. It would have to be done during a dryer season in scottland and the river would need to be dammed. 

There is no dryer season in Scotland though. It hasn’t stopped raining since Roman times.

You might need a second team of people to hold umbrellas over the drinking people.

the rain would still drip off the umbrellas and into the loch, this is gonna be a problem…
someone calculate the annual rainfall over Scotland, can 7 billion people outdrink it?

The western Highlands, where Loch Ness is located, is one of the rainiest places in Europe, with a yearly average rainfall of 4,577 millimeters (12.54 millimeters a day).  Loch Ness’ surface area is 56 square kilometers.  If it rains 12.54 millimeters every day, then Loch Ness will gain 702,240 cubic meters (over 700 million liters) of water per day.  Everyone will have to drink 0.1 extra liters of water to keep up.

that sounds doable!
our goal is now clear

ok but why tho?

if you can think of a better way to find Nessie I’d love to hear it