A MAJORITY of Scots believe their country will become independent within the next decade, according to a new poll.

The survey, carried out by Ipsos Mori for STV, showed that 54 per cent think that independence will happen by 2025, with 44 per cent thinking it is unlikely and two per cent unsure.

It was revealed that those aged between 25 and 34 were the age group that is most confident that Scotland will break away from the UK in the next 10 years, with 61 per cent saying it was likely or very likely. Meanwhile, those aged 55 or older were split almost down the middle on the question.

Mark Diffley, Director at Ipsos MORI Scotland, said: "This poll represents good news for ‘Yes’ supporters, with more than half of Scots believing independence is likely by 2025. Opinions may change if and when a second referendum is announced but, for now, a majority of Scots seem to think we are on the road to independence."


The 1,029 respondents aged 16 or over were also asked about how likely they believed it was that Scotland would be a more equal society in 10 years. Seven in ten were confident the country would be fairer, compared to 27 per cent who think inequality will grow.

However, a majority believe that free tuition fees for students, a totemic policy for the SNP that Alex Salmond had carved into stone, will not last. Almost six in ten think Scottish students will be paying to go to university in their home country by 2025, with 39 per cent believing tuition will still be free.


Scots also think the country will be greener in ten years time, with almost two thirds believing more than half of energy supplies will come from renewable sources.

Alison Johnstone, the Green MSP, said: "It's fantastic to hear that most Scots reckon we're heading towards a greener, fairer society. More action is needed if we're to make these aspirations a reality though. Already we've seen Green pressure at Holyrood delivering progress on rent controls, warm homes, right-to-buy for football fans and unconventional gas extraction. 

"The independence referendum really engaged people in politics and Scottish Greens are clear that the public should decide when the question of independence is put again. We are continuing work into areas such as currency to ensure an independent Scotland has maximum economic independence."

Meanwhile, 35 per cent think that Scotland's rugby players will win the world cup in either 2019 or 2023 following their heroics at this year's tournament, almost as many as the 40 per cent who think the country's footballers will qualify for at least one of the four major tournaments they will enter in the period.