A petition calling on the UK Government to reconsider air strikes in Syria has received over 74,000 signatures in less than 24 hours.

The SNP launched the petition after MPs voted in favour of military action against IS in Syria last night. It has received 74,487 signatures so far.

MPs voted by 397 to 223 last night in favour of extending British action to quash IS, also known as Isis, Isil and Daesh, from Iraq into its Syrian strongholds - a majority of 174.

Fifty seven of Scotland's 59 MPs voted against the bombings.

The SNP petition states: "Despite all SNP MPs voting against air strikes on Syria, the House of Commons has agreed to back the UK Government's call for military action.

"The SNP believes that the UK should not repear the mistakes of the past, and engage in military action without a comprehensive and credible plan to win peace."

Typhoons from RAF Lossiemouth left to join the sir strikes this morning.

SNP MPs have voiced their objections to the vote on Twtter, with ex-First Minister Alex Salmond MP tweeting that Scotland 'rejected the air strikes'.

Nicola Sturgeon said she remains "deeply troubled" by Britain carrying out the air strikes.

The First Minister said her thoughts and good wishes are with the UK service personnel involved in the attacks, but she also continued to make her opposition to military action clear.

Ms Sturgeon, speaking at the start of First Minister's Questions at Holyrood, told MSPs: "I am sure we are all mindful that British service personnel, many of them based at Lossiemouth, are now in action over Syria.

"Not withstanding my opposition to this action, my thoughts and my good wishes are very much with them at this time."

But she added: "I remain deeply troubled by the decision of the UK Government to take the country into conflict with no strategy, no exit plan and against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Scotland's MPs."

Only two Scottish MPs - Conservative Scottish Secretary David Mundell and his Liberal Democrat predecessor Alistair Carmichael - backed the action, with SNP MPs voting against it.

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said she too is opposed to the air strikes.

She said: "Like the First Minister, I did not support extending air strikes into Syria. However with British forces now involved we must come together to support the brave men and women in our armed forces."

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson expressed her "gratitude to the brave service personnel who will be involved in this necessary military action in Syria".

She added: "As too often before, their selfless efforts abroad do all ensure and help keep us living safely at home."

A poll yesterday revealed that 72% of Scots are against the air strikes.

Anti-war protesters outside Westminster reacted furiously after MPs voted to bomb IS, with loud boos erupted from the crowd.

Grace Tennant, 20, a student from Birmingham, said: "It is about human lives. It's a moral argument.

"Britain won't be safer because of this, we'll become less safe."

There were shouts of "shame on you" as news of the vote spread through the couple of hundred-strong crowd.

Protesters held a minute's silence against the decision to launch a bombing campaign.

Many sat down and flicked the peace sign and afterwards they chanted: "Not in my name."

Colin Crilly, 46, from London, said: "I'm disappointed but not surprised, it just shows the disconnect between the public and elected officials.

"I fear that this will mean the cycle of violence will just continue."