BILL Walker, the former SNP MSP jailed for attacking three former wives and a step-daughter, contacted a publisher about selling his autobiography.

Walker is believed to have made the approach – which was rebuffed – after he was sent to prison for the domestic abuse offences.

He was elected as MSP for Dunfermline in 2011, but was unmasked ten months later by this newspaper as a serial domestic abuser.

He assaulted all three ex-wives as part of a catalogue of violence going back nearly thirty years.

The attacks included punches, kicks and slaps and also involved him hitting his then teenage step-daughter over the head with a saucepan.

Walker was expelled from the SNP and found guilty by Sheriff Mackie in Edinburgh Sheriff Court of 23 charges of assault and one breach of the peace. He was jailed for 12 months in September 2013.

The sheriff said at the time: "I formed the impression that in the few incidents where you acknowledged the use of physical force, you believed you were entitled to or justified in its use, and certainly have made no apology for it.

"Your denial appears to me to be absolute. There is no acknowledgement of any unacceptable behaviour, there is no indication of any motivation to change."

Picture: Walker

It has now emerged that Walker – who quit his Holyrood seat after initially trying to hold on – has designs on having his life story published

He contacted a respected Edinburgh publisher to sound out whether the company would be interested in his autobiography.

A source close to the firm said: “I can confirm he did tell us he was writing his autobiography and asked if we would be interested.”

The insider said Walker was informed that the company had no interest in the proposal.

Walker has led an unremarkable life that is unlikely to interest any serious publisher.

His career included stints as a “design engineer” of medical scanning equipment and a company director in the energy supply industry, neither of which appear told hold much page-turning value.

Walker was also an SNP councillor in Fife prior to his election, but this short-lived political berth is also unlikely to excite publishers.

He briefly hit the headlines during his spell as an SNP MSP, but only to apologise for likening the tactics of gay rights supporters to those used in Nazi Germany.

Any book would be likely to focus on Walker’s suspected view that he has been harshly treated.

His former spokesman had a verbal dig at one of Walker’s ex-wives after he was convicted, comments the spin doctor later said had been endorsed by the former MSP.

Walker also lost a bid to overturn his convictions.

Thomas Docherty, former Labour MP and Holyrood candidate, said: “The arrogance of Bill Walker never seems to end. Even after being convicted and jailed for his crimes, he does not seem to accept he is the offender. It’s preposterous and insulting to the women he assaulted that he could think he could make money in this way.”

Walker could not be reached.