A US citizen has revealed how she had an intimate relationship with undercover police officer Mark Kennedy while he was he was spying on her in Scotland.

Sarah Hampton was one of a number of women deceived by Kennedy and has written to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon calling for an inquiry into the scandal.

Kennedy pretended to be an environmental campaigner between 2003 and 2010 but was really a police officer working for the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) – run by police chiefs south of the border.

He had sex with female protestors he was keeping tabs on and had a six-year relationship with one campaigner.

His Unit is the subject of a judge-led inquiry, but Kennedy's activities in Scotland, particularly at the G8 in Gleneagles in 2005, are outwith the scope of the probe.

Kennedy was the “transport coordinator” for anti-G8 protestors and visited Scotland on 14 occasions as an undercover officer.

Hampton, 40, met Kennedy in the spring of 2005 on a trip to Ireland with a group called Take Radical Action Popular Education and Sustainable Everything (TRAPESE), for which he was the driver.

She said that, at the point when the G8 started later in the year, she and Kennedy were in a relationship.

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Herald, she said: “By the time I was in Scotland with him we were having a full on romance. We both helped set up the demonstration eco-village during the Gleneagles anti-G8 demonstrations in Stirling. It was to show alternatives, how we could give a space to live for thousands of activists, feed them, supply toilets and showers sustainably.

“We were very busy but would spend the night in each other’s tents. Mark was very loving while we were in Scotland. It was during that time that I fell in love with him.”

She has not seen him for nearly ten years: “He has become a ghost to a lot of people. Supposedly he will need to testify at the Pitchford Inquiry. To be honest, I look forward to him having to look me in the eye.”

Hampton, who has been living in radical anarchist communities in Spain over the last 15 years, said she is angry the Pitchford Inquiry does not apply to Scotland: “Scotland has to be involved in this inquiry and, if not, allowed start their own separate inquiry. I feel outraged that so far the Scottish government has not felt it necessary and seems that they don't even know about my story.

“I am living proof that Mark operated in Scotland - why was he allowed to sleep with a US citizen during a spy operation in Scotland? People in the UK have a right to know why he was allowed to operate in Scotland and what information he gathered there.”

Kennedy also operated overseas for the Unit and Hampton believes his foreign activities should be investigated:

“Of course we want this inquiry to opened up beyond Scotland as well. It should open up to all the places he was spying: Spain, Italy, Iceland, Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland. Why was he allowed such freedom of movement? I want apologies from everyone who allowed this, they are all responsible for my human rights violations.”

She is suing the police south of the border for human rights violations.

In her letter to the First Minister, Hampton called on Sturgeon to request Scotland becomes part of the Pitchford Inquiry, or set up a separate inquiry.

In 2011, Kennedy admitted that he’d had two “relationships” with women while undercover, which he said was “wrong”.

It is believed Kennedy moved to Los Angeles after the row broke over his undercover work.