Five brothers from two Scots families are making a low-budget, historical fantasy action feature film they hope will be screened worldwide.

Shooting on the 100-minute long movie Dalriata’s King has been made in locations in Scotland.

The film is set in 800AD, the historical era known as the Dark Ages, and is the tale of Scots warrior king, Alpin MacEchdach, who hunts his young brother’s kidnappers.

The film-makers – brothers Phil, Nathan and Matthew Todd and their cousins, brothers Tom and John Walkinshaw – formed Fellowship Film, a social enterprise company, in the summer.

The budget for the film is only £24,000.

The film makers have just finished a second block of filming for which they built a mediaeval village near the family home at Airth in Stirlingshire.

The film features first-time actors, family members and children.

Phil Todd, the director, who has won awards for his music videos, said: "We really wanted to make a historical fantasy about a period of Scottish history when the Picts and the Scots united to become Scotland.

"This is a serious project and the film trailer shows the excellence of the acting, the amazing sets and, of course, spectacular views of Scotland for battle scenes.

"We have been fortunate enough to bring together more than 100 people whose creativity, talent and energy is achieving the impossible.

"It is a fantastic Scottish project in every way.”

All those involved are waiving their fees but will be paid if the film makes a profit.

Prior to starting Dalriata’s King, Fellowship Film completed The Fable of Forsaken, a short fantasy action film also set in medieval Scotland.

The film has made use of crowd funding to help finance the project.

In a company statement Fellowship Films says: "Our films are intentionally ambitious and distinctively Scottish because we aim to show that Scotland doesn't need to shy away from producing films that are big, brave and inspiring... Epic fantasy films are what inspire us, and epic fantasy films is what we want to make, in the hope that they will, in turn, inspire others."