Protestors plan to take over Scottish sites ownded by controversial right-wing American presidential hopeful and businessman Donald Trump

Activists from leftwing pro-independence party RISE plan to occupy the Trump International Hotel in Aberdeenshire, and take action at the Turnberry hotel and golf course in Ayrshire, which belong to potential Republican presidential candidate Trump. 

The protests come the day before a debate at Westminster on whether Trump should be barred from the UK in light of his inflammatory attacks against minority groups in America. The debate was triggered by a petition signed by nearly 600,000 people.
A RISE spokesperson said: "Donald Trump is currently one of the the world's most prominent racists. 
"Last month, he said that, if elected to the White House in November, he would temporarily ban all Muslims from travelling to America.
"Following the Scottish Government's decision to strip Trump of his 'Global Scot' status and in advance of the debate at Westminster tomorrow on whether he should, in the future, be granted entry to the United Kingdom - RISE activists are expressing opposition to Trump's commercial presence in Scotland. 
"We did this because we are fully committed to confronting racism in all its forms, because we stand in solidarity with American minority groups targeted by Trump's rhetoric, and because we believe that Trump's association with Scotland is damaging to our country's national reputation. 
"We aim today to disrupt, however briefly, Trump's ability to generate profit in Scotland that will then be spent on his campaign of racist demonisation and scapegoating in the US.
"Donald Trump needs to know that he is not welcome in Scotland."